Rockbridge Hunt By-Laws (Amended 1994)

Article I

Name, Object and Seal

Section 1. Name

The corporate name of the Hunt is "Rockbridge Hunt".

Section 2. Object

The Hunt is incorporated for the purpose of encouraging athletic exercises, encouraging the raising and breeding of horses and hounds, and the establishment of places for social meetings.

Section 3. Seal

The corporate seal shall be a circular flat-faced die; with the words "Rockbridge Hunt, Incorporated, 1947, Corporate Seal" cut or engraved thereon.

Article II


Section 1.

The officers of the Hunt shall consist of a President, four stewards, the Master(s) of the Hounds, a Treasurer, and a Secretary, who shall constitute the Executive Committee.

Section 2.

The President, Master(s) of Hounds, Treasurer and Secretary shall be elected at the annual meeting and shall hold their respective office for a period of one year or until their successors have been chosen. Stewards shall be elected at the time of the annual meeting, two Stewards being elected bi-annually, and each shall hold office for four years or until successors have been chosen. If the office of President or Master(s) of the Hounds becomes vacant during a term, a new President or Master(s) can be elected only at a meeting of the membership. If a vacancy in the offices of Treasurer, Secretary, or Stewards occur during a term, the vacancy may be filled by appointment by the executive committee by majority vote.

Section 3.

The President shall be chairman of the Executive Committee, and shall preside at all meetings of the Club and Committee, and shall decide all questions arising under the By-Laws, subject to an appeal to the meeting at which the question arises. The president shall act as the executive officer of the Club in all matters except those specifically outlined herein as duties of the Master of the Hounds. In the absence of the President at any meeting of the Club or Executive Committee, the chairman shall be chosen by a vote of those present.

Section 4.

The Master(s) shall have charge of the hounds, hunt horses, servants, and shall manage the hunting generally, to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee. The Master(s) shall arrange the places and dates for the meets, and shall give his personal attention and oversight to all matters incident thereto. The Master(s) shall appoint the Hunt Staff. The Master(s) shall hunt the hounds or may appoint a huntsman. Should a huntsman be appointed, he shall be acceptable to the Executive Committee and may be either honorary or professional. In event the huntsman is professional, all remuneration will be subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. The Master(s) shall direct the huntsman in all matters pertaining to the hounds, kennels, and general matters of hunting to the satisfaction of the Executive Committee.

Section 5.

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep accurate minutes of the proceedings of the Club at all meetings, to keep on file all of the books, papers, and correspondence of the Club not belonging especially to the Treasurer or Executive Committee, to notify the members of the regular and special meetings, and generally to perform such duties as usually appertain to that office.

Section 6.

The Treasurer shall collect and care for the funds of the Club, keep regular accounts thereof and submit a report of the financial condition of the Club and matters pertaining thereto at the annual meeting and whenever called upon by the Executive Committee. He shall pay out money in his hands to cover all budgeted items. Items not covered by the budget shall be paid upon approval of the majority of the Executive Committee. He shall have the custody of the Seal. The Treasurer should observe a fiscal year of June first to May thirty-first.

Section 7.

There shall be four Stewards. Their duty shall be to serve as members of the Executive Committee and to perform such duties as might be required by the President.

Section 8.

The Executive Committee shall have general management of the affairs of the Hunt, and of its property, subject only to the control of the Hunt. They alone shall have the power to authorize the contracting of debts and obligations in the Hunt's name. They may appoint such sub-committees as may be necessary.

Section 9.

The Executive Committee shall enforce the preservation of order and obedience to the By-Laws, and make such regulations for the economy and success of the Hunt as they shall think proper; shall cause the accounts of the Treasurer to be audited at least once a year, and constitute a committee on election of members; they may institute horse shows, hunter trials and other activities as they think best for the interest of the Hunt, and have entire charge or management of the same, and they may admit such persons to participate in such meetings, who may not be members of the Hunt, as they deem proper.

Section 10.

In case of infraction of the By-Laws or any rule of the Hunt by any member or associate, which, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, may tend to endanger the good order, welfare or character of the Hunt, the Executive Committee shall have power, by at least five affirmative votes, to suspend or expel the member or associate thus offending, notifying him in writing to that effect and specifying the reasons therefor.

Any member or associate thus notified shall have the right of appealing to the Hunt, for revision of the action of the Committee and reinstatement as a member or associate, but shall not enjoy the privileges of the Hunt until the decision of the Committee shall have been overruled or revised by the majority of the votes at a special meeting as herein after provided and then only as specified by the terms of such revision.

In order to prosecute such appeal, the appellant shall give written notice of his wish so to do by serving the same on the Secretary not less than ten nor more than fifteen days next after the receipt of the prescribed notice from the Committee.

It shall be the duty of the secretary to call a special meeting of the Hunt for the purpose of taking action upon such appeal, said meeting to be held not less than ten nor more than thirty days after the Secretary shall have received notice from the appellant of his wish to appeal.

The appellant shall have the right to be present and to be heard at said special meeting of the Hunt.

Article III

Meeting of Members

Section 1. Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Hunt shall be held on the second Wednesday in May. At the annual meeting, any business not inconsistent with the By-Laws may be transacted. The Secretary shall mail a written notice of such meeting to each member at least two weeks before the date of such meeting.

Section 2. Special Meetings

The Secretary shall call a special meeting of the Hunt whenever requested so to do by not less than three members of the Executive Committee, or by not less than seven members of the Hunt. Every such request shall state the object for which the meeting is desired, and no subject not so stated shall be considered. At least five days written notice of the special meeting shall be sent by the Secretary, by mail, to every member and shall also set forth the object for which said meeting is called.

Section 3. Quorum

Twenty members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 4. Voting

All members who have voting privileges may vote at all meetings of members either in person or by proxy. Holders of proxies shall file the same with the Secretary of the meeting before they vote.

Article IV


Section 1. Election

Members shall be elected by the Executive Committee, and two adverse votes shall be sufficient to reject. A candidate for admission must be proposed by two members in writing addressed to the Secretary. Those desiring hunting memberships must hunt twice prior to being proposed for membership.

Section 2. Rights

Each hunting member may extend the privilege of the Hunt, except the right to vote, to all members of his/her immediate family. A capping fee shall be paid by an immediate family member hunting as a guest of a single hunting member.

Section 3. Resignation

Any member may withdraw from the Hunt after payment of all dues, by giving written notice of his resignation to the Secretary. Should a resignation not be submitted prior to September first, the members shall be liable for dues of the ensuing year.

Any member in good standing who resigns from the Hunt can maintain an inactive status by a fee determined by the Executive Committee and can rejoin the Hunt during a period of five years by simply paying his annual dues.

Section 4. Honorary Members

Honorary members may be elected for a term of one year or for life by unanimous vote at an annual meeting and shall be exempt from fees and assessments. They shall have no interest in the Hunt's property, but may have the right to vote.

Section 5. Hunting Members

There shall be two categories of adult hunting memberships:
a: Single Hunting Memberships that shall have all the privileges of the Hunt and shall have the right to vote in matters brought before the membership.
b: Family Hunting Memberships that shall have all privileges of the Hunt and shall have one vote per family membership in matters brought before the membership.

Section 6. Student Membership

Any full-time college student may join the Hunt as a Riding member. However, they shall have no vote in the proceedings of the Club nor any interest in its property.

Section 7. School Memberships

Any college with a recognized riding program may have a School Membership, at the discretion of the Executive Committee. This membership will be limited to one supervisor and a maximum of eight students on any designated hunt. They shall have no vote in the proceedings of the Club nor any interest in its property.

Section 8. Landowner Memberships

All landowners not included in the 709 acres of Hunt Incorporated, who grant the Hunt's request for permission to conduct organized activities on their land, shall be awarded full hunting memberships in Rockbridge Hunt, Incorporated. These memberships are subject to annual review by the Executive Committee. Each landowner may designate a member of their immediate family to exercise their voting privileges.

Those persons currently owning land in Hunt, Inc. and those who purchase land in Hunt, Inc. in the future shall be offered a social membership, owing no dues. There shall be only one membership per parcel of land. Should a Hunt, Inc. landowner wish to become a Hunting Member, the procedure specified by Section 1 of this Article will be followed.

Section 9. Social Members

Social members shall be invited to all non hunting functions of the Hunt and shall have all the social privileges that the hunting members have. Their membership shall not include riding privileges or voting privileges. The number of social members shall not exceed twenty percent of the number of the hunting memberships.

Article V

Annual Dues

Section 1.

The dues and initiation fee for Hunting Members shall be set by the Executive Committee annually and approved by the membership annually. Social members shall pay one-half of a Single Hunting Membership, student members shall pay one-half of a Single Hunting Membership and School Memberships shall pay one and one-half of a Single Membership in annual dues. If a Hunt, Inc. landowner is a hunting member, that person's annual dues shall be one-half of either a Single or Family Hunting Membership as elected by the Hunt, Inc. landowner.

Section 2.

Non-members may hunt only by invitation of a member, and such member shall pay a capping fee, as determined by the Executive Committee, for each visitor introduced, and no visitor shall be introduced more than three times during the season, except by special permission of the Master(s) of the Hounds. A capping fee shall be paid by an immediate family member hunting as a guest of a Single Hunting Member. The total annual dues and fees, excluding any special assessments, paid under this provision shall not exceed the annual dues of a Family Hunting Membership. The limit of three hunts per season per guest does not apply to immediate family members of a Single Hunting Member.

Section 3. Failure to Pay Dues

The Executive Committee may, in its discretion, suspend members for failure to pay dues within one month of the date they fall due and may expel any member if such dues are not paid within two months of the date they fall due, and may re-instate members so suspended or expelled.

Article VI


The Executive Committee shall have full power and authority to interpret these By-Laws and each of the Amendments, and its decision on all questions shall be final, binding and conclusive.

Article VII


These By-Laws may be amended by two-thirds vote of all members present and voting at any annual meeting or at any special meeting called for the purpose. Before any proposed amendment to these By-Laws is submitted to the members, it shall be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Article VIII


Section 1. Resolution

In order to voluntarily dissolve the Hunt, the Executive Committee shall adopt by majority vote a resolution recommending that the Hunt be dissolved, including in the resolution the name of the trustee in dissolution. Such resolution shall be submitted to a vote at a meeting of members having voting rights, which may either be a special meeting or an annual meeting. A resolution to dissolve the Hunt shall be adopted upon receiving more than two-thirds of the votes entitled to be cast by members present or represented by proxy.

Section 2. Debts

All obligations and liabilities of the Hunt shall be paid, satisfied, and discharged, or adequate provision shall be made therefore.

Section 3. Assets Held on Condition

Assets held by the Hunt on condition that they be returned, transferred, or conveyed, upon dissolution of the Hunt, shall be returned, transferred, or conveyed in accordance with such requirements.

Section 4. Distribution of Assets

Upon passage of a voluntary resolution of dissolution all assets of the Hunt shall be placed in escrow, to be under the exclusive control of the trustees dissolution named in the resolution. The assets shall be given without compensation to the first non-profit non-stock corporation formed in Rockbridge County within ten years following the dissolution of the Hunt whose sole purpose is the encouragement of athletic exercises, the encouragement of the raising and breeding of horses and hounds, and the establishment of places for hunts and social meetings. In order to be eligible to receive these assets, said corporation shall have in its articles of incorporation a provision for distribution of assets upon dissolution that is identical in effect as this Section 4 of Article VIII. Additionally, in conveying any land to said corporation, the trustee shall include in the deed or deeds a covenant restricting forever the use of the land or lands to purposes consistent with those of the Hunt. If no such corporation is formed within ten years of the dissolution of the Hunt, the assets held in escrow shall be given without compensation to the County of Rockbridge, to be used for recreational purposes ONLY. In the event that a right of first refusal is successfully asserted in regards to any of these proposed gifts, the assets held in escrow shall be liquidated in a reasonable manner and the proceeds distributed in the manner described herein.

Section 5. Automatic or Involuntary Dissolution

In the event that the Hunt is automatically or involuntarily dissolved, a trustee in dissolution shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee, the assets of the Hunt shall be placed in escrow under his exclusive control and distributed in the manner described in Article VIII, Section 4.