Rockbridge Hunt

Hounds for 2019 - 2020

Hounds are listed in order by the year they were entered into the pack. That year is part of each hound's official, registered name. (Most hounds are one year old when they're entered.) The Rockbridge prefix is also part of each hound's official, registered name.

To sponsor a hound, please contact Valerie Mann (

Hounds Sponsors
Sept 2019 - Jan 2020
Feb 2020 - Aug 2020
Rockbridge Legend 2010 (M) Kathy Munsey Kathy Munsey
Lowcountry Bridgett 2010 (F) Laura Jarvis Laura Jarvis
Rockbridge Omelet 2011 (F) Valerie Mann & Joe Conner Valerie Mann & Joe Conner
Rockbridge Teasel 2012 (F) Brent and Liz Hall Brent and Liz Hall
Green Creek Banker 2013 (M) Wendy Kagey Wendy Kagey
Green Creek Dawn 2013 (F) Sue Charlton Sue Charlton
Green Creek Rambler 2014 (M) Laura Grantham Laura Grantham
Green Creek Ruby 2014 (F) Trish Lyons Trish Lyons
Rockbridge Opal 2014 (F) Laura Arnold Laura Arnold
Rockbridge Wade 2015 (F) Bonny Wilson Bonny Wilson
Rockbridge Widget 2015 (F) Blair and Erica Jones Blair and Erica Jones
Rockbridge Thursday 2016 (F) Cynthia and Terry Secker Cynthia and Terry Secker
Rockbridge Acadia 2017 (M) Caitlin Mann Caitlin Mann
Rockbridge Amstel 2017 (M) Annie Lichtenstein Annie Lichtenstein
Rockbridge Woody 2018 (M) Jake Wilson Jake Wilson
Rockbridge Wilson 2018 (M) Jake Wilson Jake Wilson
Rockbridge Mikey 2019 (M) Joy Watkins Joy Watkins
Rockbridge Mink 2019 (F) Lu Dooley Lu Dooley
Rockbridge Oatmeal 2019 (M) The Hylton Family The Hylton Family
Rockbridge Oliver 2019 (M) Ellen Oliver Ellen Oliver
Rockbridge Oscar 2019 (M) Katharine Conner Katharine Conner
Rockbridge Otis 2019 (M) Louise Golian Louise Golian
Rockbridge Orbit 2019 (F) Lynn & Raymond Tuckwiler Lynn & Raymond Tuckwiler
Rockbridge Otter 2019 (F) Hillery Lester Hillery Lester
Rockbridge Other 2019 (F) Gary Mantello Gary Mantello