Rockbridge Hunt

Hounds for 2016 - 2017

Hounds are listed in order by the year they were entered into the pack. That year is part of each hound's official, registered name. (Most hounds are one year old when they're entered.) The Rockbridge prefix is also part of each hound's official, registered name. Click on a name to see a bit more about each hound.

To sponsor a hound, please contact Valerie Mann (

Hounds Sponsors
Sept 2016 - Jan 2017
Feb 2017 - Aug 2017
Rockbridge Caboose 2008 (F) Lynn Williams Lynn Williams
Rockbridge Laura 2008 (F) Bonny Wilson Bonny Wilson
Rockbridge Tucker 2009 (F) Kathleen Nowacki-Correia Kathleen Nowacki-Correia
Rockbridge Legend 2010 (M) Kathy Munsey Kathy Munsey
Rockbridge Omelet 2011 (F) Valerie Mann Valerie Mann
Rockbridge Relic 2011 (F) Jean Taylor Jean Taylor
Rockbridge Tansy 2012 (F) Bill & Barb Luton Bill & Barb Luton
Rockbridge Teasel 2012 (F) Cynthia Secker Cynthia Secker
Rockbridge Daron 2013 (M) Bill & Barb Luton Bill & Barb Luton
Rockbridge Otis 2014 (M) Liz Hall Liz Hall
Rockbridge Outlaw 2014 (M) Beth Pappas, Ann Layman Joy Watkins
Rockbridge Opal 2014 (F) Carol Lueder Carol Lueder
Rockbridge Wade 2015 (F) Lu Dooley Lu Dooley
Rockbridge Waffle 2015 (F) Laura Grantham Laura Grantham
Rockbridge Widget 2015 (F) Blair and Erica Jones Blair and Erica Jones
Rockbridge Ready 2015 (M) Louise Golian Louise Golian
Rockbridge Rex 2015 (M) Rex Brown Rex Brown
Rockbridge Rip 2015 (M) Liz Hall Liz Hall
Rockbridge Rocky 2015 (M) Bernard and Candi Hylton Bernard and Candi Hylton
Rockbridge Raisin 2015 (F) Kathy Eichelberger Kathy Eichelberger
Rockbridge Target 2016 (M) Hillery Lester Hillery Lester
Rockbridge Thursday 2016 (F) Cynthia Secker Cynthia Secker
Puppies! out of Relic, by Legend
born 6/20
Janet Wynot Janet Wynot
Puppies! out of Wade, by Legend
born 8/13
Janet Wynot Janet Wynot