Rockbridge Hunt
Work Days

August -- September 2015

(Doesn't this make you want to come out and work?)

Check the hunt line: 540-462-1113

These dates are tentative. Be sure to check the hunt line.
Saturday, August 1, Hunt, Inc.
Saturday, August 8, TBA (probably Broadview)
Saturday, August 15, TBA
Sunday, August 16, Painting, 10 a.m. at Huntsman's House
Saturday, August 22, TBA
Saturday, August 29, TBA
Please check back.

Wear work gloves. Leather gloves are preferable for dealing with thorns. Long sleeves are recommended for the same reason. You may want insect repellant.

It will be hot. A lot of the work takes place in the woods but you may want a hat, sunscreen, and/or sunglasses. You may want to carry water with you. We'll have coolers with bottled water on the trucks but you may be working away from the vehicles for quite awhile.

We can provide hand tools but if you have a good set of loppers or pruners, those are useful. If you have a heavy-duty weed-eater, there are places where those are useful. If you have and can use a chainsaw, that's wonderful. [Chainsaw song is optional.]