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Virginia Hunt Week

Homepages for hunts in the United States:

The Masters of Foxhounds Association of America, the governing body of the sport. Check out their page of related links, including the home pages of member hunts. Also, The Masters of Foxhounds Association (UK).

Botetourt County Horseman's Association

The foxhunting pages of Matt Simpson (the guru behind the Foxhunters Online email list). Check out his page of links related to foxhunting.

The Virginia Fish and Wildlife Information Service has some good, well-documented, factual information on foxes and coyotes. From that page, click on Species Information, then on Mammals, and then on your choice of quarry.

Links to information about hunting regulations around the US.

The website assembled by the American Association for Horsemanship Safety has lots of useful information about legal matters. Links to case law and full text statutes for all states on a variety of topics of interest to horse owners: liability, waivers, liens, helmet laws, recreational use statutes. There is comprehensive information about laws regarding Equine Infectious Anemia. This is a great website.

The Museum of Hounds and Hunting of The Westmoreland Davis Memorial Foundation, Inc.

The Foxhound Club of North America ought to have its own web page. It's a part of the MFHA and it has part of a web page on their site.

There are some very interesting articles out there on the environmental impact (for lack of a better term) of hunting with hounds. These are just a few.
A veterinary opinion on hunting with hounds
Welfare Aspects of Killing Wild Animals in Britain (frames)
for wildness' sake, an interesting submission to the Burns Committee into Hunting with Dogs.

The web page for Marsha Heatwole, a local artist who has hunted with Rockbridge Hunt.

The British ban on foxhunting
In Time magazine, the Viewpoint (column), January 29, 2001: "Calling Off the Hounds" by Andrew Sullivan
In the Wall Street Journal: "Tony Blair Hounds Hapless Hunters" by Frederick Forsyth
In the Washington Post, January 18, 2001: "British Vote to Call Off the Hounds" by T. R. Reid
The Telegraph, a conservative British newspaper. Search on hunting.

Equine World UK

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